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For many years the search engine Google pleases its users not only high quality and quick search, but every now and then appear on the main page of a variety of fun and interesting variations of your logo. They are called Google Doodles.
1. August 30, 1998 .- At this time in the Nevada desert a festival «Burning Man», which the company’s founders decided to visit, informing users about their absence. For the second letter “O” logo, an image of a man Google, which is a symbol of the festival. “While we are not planning to do these things regularly,” laughs the current head of the department responsible for the creation of Google Doodles Ryan Germik.
2. November 14, 2001. -First of the founders of Google Doodles Denis Hvong made this “impressionistic” logo for Google’s birthday by Claude Monet.
3. March 14, 2003. -The first Google Doodles were usually very simple, but fun, like this one, which appeared on the birthday of physicist and inventor Albert Einstein.
4. April 25, 2003 .- This Google Doodle came to commemorate the discovery of DNA. In the figure of DNA has been a mistake, unnoticed by users.
5. August 13, 2003. -The first Google Doodles, devoted to celebrities have been as simple as possible. Such, for example, like this portrait of the maestro’s horror, the great director Alfred Hitchcock.
6. March 30, 2005. -And this Google Doodle, dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh came to a time when developers began to complicate his “toy”. Until now, developers consider it one of the best.
7. April 15, 2005 .- This Google Doodle, dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and his work, combines fragments of several well-known of his works.
8. January 4, 2006 .- And so is the word «Google», if it is written in Braille. Only one problem – the touch will not be able to read.
9. May 22, 2006 .- Over time, Google Doodles, dedicated to the well-known authors, such, for instance, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Artut have become more complex.
10. April 22, 2007. Melting iceberg, which appeared on the Google logo on Earth Day, the first of the “ecological» Google Doodles.
11. January 28, 2008 .- And as pointed out fifty years since the creation of Lego.
12. May 16, 2008. – This Google Doodle was created to commemorate the anniversary of the appearance of the laser.
13. March 19, 2009. Artist Shepard-Ferey, now known fact that advertising posters created for Barack Obama in the race, was the author of this Google Doodle, timed to coincide with Martin Luther King Day
14. January 28, 2009 .- Here is the company so honored abstractionist Jackson Polak.
15. March 2, 2009. – And this Google Doodle was created birthday of the writer and creator of the cartoon by Theodor Seuss (Dr. Seuss).

16. April 27, 2009. – The most abstract of the Google Doodles – so is the word «Google», if it is written in Morse code. It is a pity that the sound was not provided.
17. June 6, 2009. – And here is the first Google Doodle, dedicated to the ubiquitous Tetris …
18. May 21, 2010. – This day came the first interactive Google Doodle. All 256 steps of the famous game Pac-Man – is a good time users!
November 10, 2009. – Characters ‘Sesame Street’ appeared on the Google logo on the day of the fortieth anniversary of the inception of the show.
September 30, 2010. – Bunch Flintstone knocked half a century! Give Google Doodle on this topic!
November 25, 2010. – Meals for the festive table for Thanksgiving chefs, Ina Garten. If you click on the picture dish recipe appeared.
February 11, 2011. – And a Google Doodle came on the birthday of “The Wizard of Menlo Park” – that is the nickname was a Thomas Alva Edison. Of course the same, without burning bulb has not done!
February 14, 2011. – And here is the Valentine’s Day. Google has congratulated its users, using his famous drawing by Robert Indiana, who remained popular for decades – the very work «LOVE» (love), where the word is spelled in capital letters with the letter O. rotated
February 19, 2011. – Every so often Google Doodles looked totally abstract – like this one, which appeared on the birthday of sculptor Constantin Brancusi
March 20, 2011. – And here is the Google Doodle, timed to coincide with the beginning of the festival Holi in India – a traditional holiday which marks the arrival of spring, when the Indians poured water on each other, which dissolved the bright colors.
March 24, 2011. – And a Google Doodle came to the famous magician’s birthday Harry Guddini. It was created in the style of the old posters that once announced to the world about the upcoming show this master of magic.
March 31, 2011. – Therefore, the company marked the anniversary with a Bunsen burner – gas burner, which is used for heating and melting materials, sterilization of medical instruments, open flames and other such thermal processes.
April 12, 2011. – And a Google Doodle came on the day of space – to commemorate the anniversary of the first manned flight into space, Yuri Gagarin perfect.
April 16, 2011. – That’s such an unusual way to mark the birthday of a great actor, silent film stars Charlie Chaplin.
May 9, 2011. – This Google Doodle came to the well-known illustrator 65 years Roger Hargreaves.
May 20, 2011. – This Google Doodle came to the memory of an American Emile Berliner, inventor of the phonograph.
June 9, 2011. – Recently Google Doodle, which came a day 96 years Les Paul, American guitarist virtuoso, songwriter, innovator in the field of recording, one of the inventors of electric guitar, which made possible the modern sound of rock ‘n’ roll. With this Google Doodle could create and write their own tunes, which then share the Internet with your friends!

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