Most Expensive Dessert Cake In The World

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The Chinese cake decorating designs ideas in Philippines sure know how to ring in their new year in traditional values and a dash of luxury. A local savory called as the Tikoy is a sweet rice cake. And to celebrate the year of the rabbit in pomp, Entrepreneur Angelito Araneta Jr's has come up with a 24-carat edible gold leaf and 0.2-carat diamonds version for those with a sweet tooth for luxury. These gold and diamond rabbits are priced at just $485, had is just one of the 13 made by order for select rich Chinese customers for the new lunar Year of theRabbit in Chinese calendar. Araneta Jr. also revealed that one of his customers also ordered for a two-diamond gold encrusted rice cake priced at $2,700 making it his most expensive sale to date.

Expensive Desserts Cake Ever

Wedding or Birthday day cake decorating Designs ideas

MostExpensive Dessert Cake In The World | Birthday And Wedding Cakes

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